En oppmerksomhet til de vi savner 

KISS DEKOR has a large selection of grave ornaments and grave site decorations. Most are made to order and take anywhere from 2-5 days. Get in touch if you are interested.


The burial site can create a challenge for many. People want to remember and honor those who have passed away with a beautiful burial site, but often have limited time for both care and watering of plants. It is sad to discover that the flowers you have planted have withered. With my wreaths and decorations, the grave site will look just as good at any time, with both fresh colors and light in the evening.

KISS DEKOR has chosen to use solar cell lights that do not need either batteries or electricity as the solar cells are recharged by daylight. The solar cell is fixed to the wreath before delivery.


If you have bought grave decorations ❤️ from KISS DEKOR, I would be very happy for a photo of the decoration at your grave site.