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Christine Kiss
Sigurd Jarls Vei 20
3174 Revetal
E-mail: kissdekor(a)outlook.com
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Sigurd Jarls vei 20, 3174 REVETAL

(+47) 932 68 936




Customer recommendations on digital products

Thank you so much ❤️😍

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28 Apr. 2024

Thank you very much for the good help 🥰

and an incredibly beautiful design on our invitation to the baptism! 💖

Then the invitation to the wedding has been received and we will return to order both the menu and thank you card from you. Thank you very much for the help so far 💗🙏

Thank you very much Christine!

All three pictures have been added, and the confirmatory himself is very satisfied!

Thank you very much, very nice!🥰 

Great, thank you very much for the work 😃 Just nice, will recommend you further😊

It was absolutely great. Thank you very much 💖

Now I am very satisfied. Thank you very much! 

Hi Thank you very much. We are very pleased. Invoice paid and invitation sent out to family.

ARecommend!! This site must be checked out 😊🥰 so easy - cheap and fantastic result! I ordered both invitations and table cards, will definitely order thank you cards too 🥰🏆 you will be sent a link to the finished product. I printed out place cards with photo paper 💖Everything is digital, so happy🥰👏

Customer recommendations on flower decorations

Lots of nice feedback on the Christmas wreath!


Very nice wreath.🐣Fast and nice delivery. 😊😊

"Kunde" påsken-23

Then the flower arrangement is in place. Thank you very much for a great essay Christine😍🥰


The heart looks so beautiful between daffodils and pansies. and it decorated the grave so nicely in winter when there was only heather.  

"Kunde, 1 år etter salg"

I trust you for the execution. The wreath is beautiful, I can't wait to hang it up!

"Kunde som har bestilt krans nummer to" 

Hi I have now received the beautiful wreath and I am very pleased. Thank you the same until you will order more from your online store, very nice and good service, my siblings also think it was so nice. Thank you very much.


Christine is incredibly clever and creative! She makes whatever decoration you want, she is serious and really committed to the tasks she carries out! Can heartily recommend


Very happy with the Christmas essay, it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much 🧑‍🎄🎄Really Merry Christmas 💞

"SMS fra kunde"

Look at the beautiful wreaths Christine Kiss has made for me 🤩. She takes orders and puts them together according to wishes. At least I got into the Christmas spirit now.

"Facebook innlegg fra Kunde"

My good decorator friend makes so many beautiful things 🤩. she is incredibly creative and makes to order. She made this to order from me, check out her site, there is a lot of delicious stuff here. Like and share 🤩

"Facebook innlegg fra en venn"

Finally, my Christmas wreath is in the house Sending a big thank you to Kiss Dekor /Christine Kiss Can highly recommend her website too, lots of delicious things there 🤩 feel free to share guys 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 Merry Christmas

"Kafé eier på Revetal"