Why send digital invitations and cards?


Digital invitation cards and greeting cards offer many advantages over a paper card, such as environmental considerations, time savings and cost savings. If you are looking for a simple, cheap and practical alternative to the invitation or greeting card, then try a digital card.

  • The card is not printed, there is no waste and the card does not end up in your guests' rubbish.
  • You can also manage without envelopes, which is not only good for nature, but also saves resources and costs.
  • Digital invitation cards are also very easy to send, as KISS DEKOR does all the work.
  • You can create them with just a few clicks and send them instantly to all guests via smartphone or email.
  • You don't need to go to the post office to buy stamps or send anything. This saves you time.
  • Greeting cards also offer more flexibility and opportunities for further personalization options.
  • You are helping to reduce both littering and CO2 emissions

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The advantages of digital products are many